Booking hotels in Saint Petersburg (Russia)

When it comes to choosing a hotel in such a popular destination as St. Petersburg, a traveler faces a plethora of offers and a wide variety of choice. It is nearly impossible to choose a hotel by visiting their websites and researching the rates, availability and location. The prices vary so much on both hotels websites and booking websites that one may be at a loss where to book. If you believe you have found the best rate on one of the booking websites, that doesn’t mean you really got one. Even the same room in the same hotel may be quoted at significantly different rates on different websites, including hotels own. One just has to research some more. But we all have time constraints and at some point we have to make a booking decision. Besides, you will never know for sure that you got the best rate simply because you will never know how many room brokers are out there offering the same rooms at the same hotel and compare the prices.

Many are convinced that they can find official website of a hotel and just book because hotel offers the best rate bypassing brokers. But this is simply not true. Hotels hire brokers and brokers get significantly discounted rates. In most cases booking sites have lower rates when compared to official hotels websites prices. Those also depend on your length of stay and the base rates that hotel posts. The difference of prices on different websites can be as much as 10%. Depending on your choice of room and the length of stay this difference will be even greater.

So, what do you do? How can you find the best rate guaranteed? There’s a way. It is not a new way, but trustworthy, old and reliable created by travel and hotel professionals. It is a metasearch system of finding and comparing hotel rates around the world. The search is conducted in the database of offers published by dozens of hotel booking and travel websites, smaller rates aggregators and official hotel websites. The search is done in less than a minute and you are presented with the list of hotels rated and evaluated by customers. Once you have this report, you are truly in control and can easily book a room of your choice.

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